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Chapter History

Richard Broos, Assistant Public Works Superintendent for the City of Hemet, and Robert Nolan, Public Works Superintendent for the City of Fontana, began making informal contacts with other maintenance superintendents concerning formation of a new chapter. For several years, individuals had expressed interest in forming a new chapter in the Inland Empire/Desert area. Richard and Bob received favorable responses from those they contacted.

On August 27, 1985, Richard sent a letter to John Robertson, President of the Maintenance Superintendents Association of California, requesting the formation of the Inland Empire/Desert Chapter. The letter explained that the area superintendents had expressed concerns in regards to geographic distances and time involved in attending meetings outside of the Inland Empire/Desert area.

The organizing committee, which also acted as the formation committee, were: Richard Broos, City of Hemet; Robert Nolan, City of Fontana; George Osborne, City of Riverside; R.L. Harper, City of Ontario; and Bill Gray, Johnson Tractor Company. On February 12, 1986, a copy of the Chapter by-laws and membership roster were sent to the State Executive Board of Directors.

Since its inception in 1986, the Inland Empire/Desert Chapter has transformed into one of the most dynamic and ambitious chapters in the Association. One of the major objectives of the Chapter is pursuing excellence in the areas of public works construction, maintenance and education. The continued effort of the Chapter to develop educational and professional itineraries for agency members and others in the Public Works field continues to be very successful. The Education Committee has identified and works with a professional staff of educators who donate their time and experiences to the development of the individuals who will be our future officers and chapter leaders. To further the educational goals of hose pursuing careers in Public Works, scholarships are awarded in June of each year to those individuals who have been approved by our scholarship committee.

Our Chapter has also been privileged to host four of the MSA’s annual Conference and Equipment shows, in 1993, 2003, 2012, and again in 2018 for the 50th Anniversary of the Conference.  The conferences were extremely successful and showcased the newest in equipment and technology as well as quality educational seminars to those in attendance.

The Inland Empire/Desert Chapter, since 1986, continues to grow and work toward the further development of our membership. This success is in part due to the efforts of the Chapter’s Board of Directors who spend countless hours ensuring the financial and educational growth of the Chapter.

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